CRYKET 2018 Rules


 All games will be played at two pitches in Van Cortland Park, Bronx. Exact
directions to grounds are provided in separate document.

 Teams will be divided into 2 pools and pitch will be assigned to them. Team captains
will be communicated about this as soon as all teams register.

 All games will be on June 16th, 2018 (June 17th – rain date).

 The tournament will be completed in one day. Play will be continuous (between 7:00 am
and 7:00 pm).

 If the whole tournament can NOT be finished in one day due to some reasons, it will be
extended to next day.

 If there are players who would like to play but cannot form a complete team, please
register as individuals. We will connect you with others to form a team.

 Participating teams are expected to submit the list of players for the team(s) well in
advance, so that events for the day can be properly planned.

 A group can register more than one team.

 Game will be played using slightly heavy tennis ball used for cricket.

 Please come at least 30 minutes before your given time. If the team doesn’t arrive within
15 minutes of their scheduled time match will be awarded to the other team.

 Umpires decision will be final. In case of any dispute, organizer’s decision will be final.

 The Eight-A- Side tournament will adhere to the ICC Cricket Rules and
regulations. There are no LBW and no leg-bye runs allowed. Exceptions are indicated below as well.

 There will be free hit on any no ball (like the new ICC rule).

 For medium/ fast bowlers direct ball above waist height is a no ball and for
slow/spin bowlers it is above shoulder height.

 Each team can consist of (register) up to Ten (10) members. Any selected EIGHT (8)
will play each game.

 It is a heavy tennis ball tournament, and all players are expected to wear proper sports
attire. If possible white T-shirts are recommended.

 The wicket keeper must be nominated before the first over of the game.

 A different keeper may be nominated before the first over of each game (in a
tournament) but cannot be changed during the course of the game.

 To the extent possible, all games will be officiated by members of CRY volunteers and
other participating teams.

 Officials will be objective and impartial in rendering decisions.

 The above rules will be adhered to at all times throughout the > tournament. All teams
are expected to cooperate fully (adhering to the rules, respecting the umpires decision
etc.) with the Organizers.

 All registered teams will be grouped into pools. The number of pools and rounds
depends on the number of registered teams.

 All teams are expected to be very familiar with the rules of the game and of this specific
competition, as detailed in the document.

 Lunch, water & Gatorade will be free for players & volunteers.

 Everybody is expected to bring their own cricket gear. If you can’t, please let us know in

 Please bring your own chairs as it will be hard to arrange for chairs for so many players.
You are welcome to bring your own canopy tent as well.